4 Ways Social Media and Email Can Work Together

Aug 13, 15 4 Ways Social Media and Email Can Work Together

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It was not long ago that email marketing was said to be obsolete due to the rise of social media. Time has indicated otherwise. Only now, they are said to complement each other instead of being mutually exclusive. In other words, they can be both used in combination for any communication or marketing strategy. Here are 4 ways by which social media and email can work together: 1: Extending the Reach of Email Social media can be used to further extend the reach of email by adding social media share buttons. This is, of course, accessible when the email reaches the recipient’s inbox and is opened by the users. If you click any of these buttons, then you are taken directly to one of their social media pages. 2: Build Your Customer Database Both these marketing tools can be used together to build your contact database. Customers can join email lists from your social media pages with the available of widgets. They can also click on social media share buttons within an email to like or follow a particular business page. It works both ways. 3: Marketing Automation Quite interestingly, email can actually automate your social media content. In fact, you can do this almost a year in advance where you can use tools to repost scheduled content to social media itself. One thing to remember: the number of times you send emails can be very different to posting on social media. 4: Email Notifications One excellent use of email is how social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can send you notifications of your activity either in real-time or in summary form. One excellent tool to use is Constant Contact’s Nutshell Mail that will send you reports of your social media activity apart from the ability to respond from within that...

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