Two methods of smaller sites outranking bigger ones

Dec 08, 16 Two methods of smaller sites outranking bigger ones

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Article Written by : ADWORKS 24 Look at almost any search result for popular keywords and you will see that the sites that rank at the top are the biggest ones. Often, that is the ideal result for the search query. The Google algorithm does favor the larger sites over small ones, just from the sheer number of pages. We have seen that some smaller sites do outrank the larger ones. They manage to do it even for extremely popular keywords. Here are two ways a smaller site can outrank a much larger one: Method one – the long tail This strategy involves only chasing the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are those that at least three words or more. To be classified as a long tail keyword, we are looking at five words on average. The reason the largest sites avoid these now is that they rely on the larger keyword pages to rank for the long tail automatically. However, a page optimized specifically for the long tail will outrank that page.  Even though the traffic might seem much less, there are other linked searches for which traffic will come in. Method two – 10x content There is a concept in growth hacker circles called 10x content. These are large articles that are well written and comprehensive to every aspect of the subject matter. For example, a page that is targeting “best practices for job applicants” will need to tailor the content to cover the applicant, the HR manager, and even the HR director and each of their unique requirements from this...

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