User Interface design basics

Apr 10, 19 User Interface design basics

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A lot of works goes into user interface design and whenever you see a great user interface, or one that is intuitive, chances are that a lot of work went into making something that looks simple on the surface. The basic crux behind user interface design is to create an interface that is easy for the user to understand and use, anticipating the many things the user might want to do. There are some absolutely basics that all UI design should follow. Here are a few from Rack Alley: KISS The famous adage: Keep It Simple Stupid applies here. Simplify the interface as much as possible without compromising on usability. Mark labels clearly and remove any unnecessary elements. You will also keep the load down on your LA web hosting without the extra clutter. Consistency Most user interfaces will have multiple screens or pages. It is important to maintain consistency between all those pages/screens while keeping the content unique. The key lesson here is that once the user understands how your interface works, that same lesion should apply across the entire property. Colors Use colors and texture to your advantage instead of simply for branding or design. For example, using a red button when you need the user to act greatly increases the chances of getting a click and drawing attention to the button. Defaults Use common defaults that are native to the medium you use. For example, on some interfaces, a menu on top of the page is common, while on iPhones, navigation at the bottom of the app is common. Use these defaults and avoid forcing your users to learn a new...

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