4 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

May 08, 15 4 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

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Improving your social media engagement has a number of benefits not limited to an increase in comments and likes. Without a doubt, creativity plays an important role in achieving this objective. Here are four ways by which you can increase your social media engagement: #1: Question Your Audience Creatively Asking questions might be a simple thing but to infuse a bit of creativity involves much more effort – something that can result in engaging more of your customers. Instead of asking a basic question, make it witty, funny while trying to get your customers better. This will make a real difference. Zomato is one prominent example of this technique. #2: Unique Social Media Contests A number of brands hold social media contests. So it is rather common and demands something unique if you want to make an impact on your engagement stats. Make sure you think about your contest carefully so that people want to participate, share and discuss on their personal pages. #3: Q & A Sessions Establishing a forum for your customers is an excellent idea since your customers are more likely to have questions rather than you. Facebook posts, Google Hangouts and Twitter Chats are ways by which they can find out more about your company and your product too. Interviewing experts related to your industry is a good way of getting attention from your customers too. #4: Work with Social Causes Connecting with social causes not directly related to your brand is actually a good thing. Doing nice things for these causes can enhance your branding. So, you can either create a separate campaign or spread the word throughout your social media pages....

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