3 Tips to Enhance Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

Oct 13, 15 3 Tips to Enhance Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

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If you are using Instagram for your business, you’d no doubt want to make the most out of it. This could involve simple things such as improving your Instagram content or even boosting engagement too. Here are 3 tips to consider in order to enhance Instagram marketing: 1: Post Images that your Audience Likes Make sure you post types of images that your audience is already liking and sharing. This will ensure regular engagement from time to time. One example of this is MaybellineAU imitating fashion bloggers who were popular for their instructional pictures and facial close-ups. In fact, they’ve made identical posts for their followers. 2: Enhance Your Photographs You can make the most out of your photos if they are the best that they can be. No matter what, you can find ways to improve the most basic photos. For example, an app like VSCO Cam can make your photos visually appealing, thanks to its editing tools and preset filters. Also, keep in mind that the square shape performs best even if non-square photos are supported by Instagram. You can use the app Instasize to scale a photo to a shape of your choosing but still within the square shape. 3: Use a Caption to tell a Story Even though Instagram is a photo-sharing app, writing is just as important. Some of the most popular brands on Instagram use microblogging as a way to tell a story within the caption itself. This helps them to create deeper connections with their audience. This, in turn, leads to sharing, commenting and more...

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