4 Important 2015 Social Media Trends For Small Business Owners to Consider

Jun 16, 15 4 Important 2015 Social Media Trends For Small Business Owners to Consider

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A Social Media Marketing Industry Report surveyed 3720 marketers, owners and solopreneurs. Interesting trends emerged from this survey. Understanding these trends can prove to be useful for your business, leading to sales.   So, here are 4 important social media trends gathered from this industry report:   1: Social Media is Vital for Any Business 92% consider social media to be vital for any business. It’s not surprising that 96% of respondents use social media. If that’s not enough, most respondents use Facebook to promote their business. 2: B2B and B2C Use Social Media For Different Purposes B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the #1 social media platform. B2C marketers use Facebook and other platforms. Also, 71% of B2B marketers want to learn more about LinkedIn even if only a handful use ads. 75% of these marketers use Facebook ads. This is because every consumer they’d like to reach out to is on Facebook.   3: Marketers Aren’t Sure If Facebook Efforts Are Working Most small businesses use Facebook for promotional activities. Yet marketers aren’t sure if these efforts are working. In other words, whether they are building brand awareness and customer relationships. This could translate to leads and sales. Either they haven’t met their goals or don’t have any. This is why only one in three marketers consider Facebook to be effective.   4: Small Business Spend 6 or More Hours on Facebook Social media management requires a decent amount of time. Small business owners worry about this as they have to work on other tasks. While Post Planner and HootSuite help to reduce time, it still isn’t enough. In fact 33% spend 1 to 5 hours every week while 25% spend 6 to 10 hours. Only 19% spend 20 hours and above each week.   Link:...

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