How Digital Marketing Can Keep You Ahead of Competition

Oct 17, 21 How Digital Marketing Can Keep You Ahead of Competition

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Perhaps you’ve thought about digital marketing and wondered whether this would be beneficial to your company. The Internet has definitely changed the way the world does business and it’s an exciting force of nature. Is Digital Marketing Really Worth the Expense? Did you know that there are thousands of people online looking for your products and/or services each week? But how to reach those folks with your message…that’s the big question. You want every dollar you spend on marketing to count! You want to make sure those dollars are being spent effectively, right? Below, Javier Loya CEO of OTC Global Holdings explains more thoroughly. How Does Digital Marketing Work? Digital marketing is now using smartphones quite a bit more. In the U.S. alone, 230 million people own a smartphone. A large percentage of those users find products and services on their phones. A new survey shows that 79 percent of those users will make a purchase using their phone. This has become an exciting new area for digital marketing experts. Sell Around the World Business owners can now sell their products and services to just about anyone around the globe. Let’s say for instance that your company sells printing and a man in Hong Kong will need some brochures printed in English for his upcoming convention. Utilizing Digital marketing, you can easily reach this potential customer. He sees your ad online and clicks on a hyperlink and within moments he is searching through your products and price list. Your entire transaction can be handled via email with very little phone calling. This offers you an opportunity to not only make a sale but also develop business relationships outside the United States. An Untapped Resource Javier Loya recently commented, saying, “Digital Marketing is an untapped resource for many business owners. It might be one of the best investments you can make. It can turn your small or medium sized company into an international production. It can give your sales that extra boost they’ve so desperately...

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