How to Get a Post Removed from

Mar 06, 15 How to Get a Post Removed from

By Pierre Zarokian from Reputation Stars

Nik Ritchie, known partier and exposer of dirt, started to try and out people in his local community for the rotten things they do. It was meant to help warn people of an incoming disaster, but the site does a poor job moderating content and posts almost everything someone says. Some of that information amounts to slander, but TheDirty uses the Communications Decency Act to get away with their illicit activities. If you’ve been listed on TheDirty, here is what you need to do to get your posting removed.

DMCA and Legal Approaches

Most smaller websites are scared of legal action, which makes a DMCA an effective tool for removing something online if the webmaster is a single person without much money. TheDirty is a much larger operation and is prepared for legal battles. Nik Ritchie even publicizes them.

Don’t make the situation worse by letting TheDirty publicly air your complaints even further, and forget the DMCA. You would be lucky if Nik Ritchie responded at all. Nik Ritchie is still protected by the CDA because he posts content written by others. The only time Ritchie has ever lost a legal challenge over this was the time he added his own comments to the content in question.

However, there is a proprietary and legal method practiced by our legal team. TheDirty is a bit more responsive to legal action than Ripoff Report, but you cannot simply file a complaint and have the posting removed. If you need assistance removing a post from TheDirty, contact our reputation management firm today.