Twitter’s New Focus on SEO has Generated more traffic

Nov 18, 14 Twitter’s New Focus on SEO has Generated more traffic

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Social media sites more than ever rely on search engines to drive traffic. Recently, during the Twitter Analyst Day event, Twitter has shared information regarding the success of their recent SEO strategy. This renewed SEO focus has helped the site generate a staggering 10 times more traffic to Twitter’s website. Trevor O’Brien, director of product management at Twitter confirmed that the social media giant had earlier this year brought a change enabling popular search engines such as Google and Bing to gain a better access to their popular hashtag pages. Hashtag pages are specific pages on Twitter to help users keep track of a particular hashtag and all tweets and information related to it. For instance, a user searching for a particular hashtag on Google, such as the viral #AlexFromTarget tag, would be presented with Twitter hashtag pages on the top result, if the page exists. According to figures provided by Twitter, the change has brought an increase in the number of unlogged users by 10 times. The current monthly figure is estimated at 75 million as compared to 7.5 million previously. This certainly shows the effectiveness of Twitter’s new SEO initiatives. The main call-to-action that Twitter expects from these logged-out users is for them to sign up on the site. Twitter is also considering ways to monetize these hashtag pages. Twitter previously had a deal with Google which was cancelled in 2011. This deal had been one of the leading reasons of great traffic from Google on the social media...

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