Two guaranteed ways to grow your email list

Dec 15, 15 Two guaranteed ways to grow your email list

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When it comes to monetization of your websites traffic, the true tried and tested method is to build and utilize an email list. A large mailing list is a great way of continuously making more money without any additional marketing costs. Members of your list will be those who are interested in your content and want to continue seeings what you produce. In the event you have premium product for sale, you will find willing customers easily within this group. Getting visitors to sign up to your list is not as hard you think, here are a couple of easy ways: The Giveaway A small ebook either summarising or extending the content on your website is a great incentive to use for mailing list signup. Once they signup and confirm, the next email can contain a welcome message and a link to the ebook. Competition Another great incentive is a competition. Visitors can sign up and stand a chance to win either a prizes (or prizes). Timing the actual awarding of the prize well after the signup period will ensure retention after the initial signup. The prize could be provided by a sponsor of the website. That would give you a campaign, new members to a mailing list all without any additional cost. There are many more ways to grow your list but these two will guarantee some signups. Everyone loves a freebee and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of that. Once you have exhausted these two methods, you can move on to the more advanced...

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