Achieving SEO success in 2015

Oct 25, 14 Achieving SEO success in 2015

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SEO is both a static and dynamic concept. Certain elements such as having great content never go out of style while some other elements might make you change your strategy owing to algorithm changes for instance and the ever-evolving nature of technology. The key to gaining SEO success is to adopt a strategy that would suit your business. 1. Increase your social media presence Social media accounts for a staggering 25% of people’s time spent online. If your target audience tends to be largely present on social media, that’s where you would have to be. Your social media presence would have to be strong and consistent. Your social media campaigns would have to be closely linked to your SEO effort to yield the best results. 2. SEO as a real-time practice Make the most of the large array of real-time analytics tools available to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie and to adapt your strategy. Long-term planning is important in SEO as sometimes outcomes are not felt immediately. But if you feel that a strategy is not working, it would be advantageous to shift keywords or change contents in a timely manner to rectify your strategy. 3. Optimize for mobile Mobile browsing would gain a higher importance in 2015 than it already has today in nearly all categories. It’s now or never to adopt a good mobile SEO strategy. You might even want to focus the majority of your SEO efforts for mobile devices rather than for desktop users, especially if your competitors are not there yet and if that is relevant for your...

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