Personal assistant search optimization

Jul 02, 18 Personal assistant search optimization

Personal assistant search optimization is the phrase coined to the new art of optimizing and marketing for the new crop of voice activated digital personal assistants. Most analysts firmly believe that this is the future of SEO. This is not too surprising, if you think about where assistants like Goole Home and Siri get their information. SEO will eventually morph into optimization for voice based personal assistants.

Here is what you need to know about PASO:


Although these personal assistants still need a lot of work, their primary draw is portability. The assistants exist on smartphones, tablets, and other computing device you carry around. Once the platform matures, typing in queries will seem like an antiquated notion.


Another reason that personal assistants are the future of SEO is the tailoring of results to the user. The portability provides context to the queries. Add some AI and machine learning and you have contextual responses tailored to the individual. For example a query for “where to have lunch” would return a list of restaurants in the area, ordered by price and rating with your favourite cuisine first.


The results returned from a personal assistant are limited. Unlike the million or so results you get from Google, a typical assistant returns one to four at maximum.  This has resulted in much higher click through rates than normal search. As a result, being one of the top four results is more important than ever.