Enhancing Local SEO with Google+ Local

Feb 14, 15 Enhancing Local SEO with Google+ Local

Google+ Local is an invaluable tool for businesses’ local SEO campaigns. This is because the platform drives search results on to Google Maps. In order to maximize the efficiency of this tool, businesses need to foster unique and good quality content, positive reviews but also a consistent and ongoing strategy.

Even though Google+ Local does not have an huge pool of active audience for the time being, it presents with a great potential when it comes to local SEO rankings. Brands, therefore, need to devise their strategy by including Google+ Local in their local SEO initiatives.

However, one of the most notable mistakes made by businesses when using Google+ Local is that they do not maintain the efforts. The listing will sure need to be created, but that is not the end of the local SEO strategy. The listing would need to be updated. New content would need to be regularly added. The contact details and descriptions should be used to their full potential by including interesting items such as pictures. The keywords would also need to be developed around the site’s content.

Brands can also make use of their past experience with Yelp to bring a boost to their local SEO using Google+ Local. The product from Google is now standing where Yelp was about eight years ago. Yelp was offering rewards to users in order to build a community of active and trusted reviewers of local businesses. Google is set to surpass the success of such destination review sites such as Yelp or even Foursquare.