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Google Rich Results: A short primer

Google Rich Results: A short primer Posted by on Dec 10, 2017

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Guidelines for Creating a Wikipedia Page for a Company...

Guidelines for Creating a Wikipedia Page for a Company Posted by on Jan 24, 2017

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Changes we can expect for 2018

Changes we can expect for 2018 Posted by on Jan 11, 2018

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Setting up AMP for WordPress

Jun 12, 17 Setting up AMP for WordPress

Posted by in SEO

AMP is Google’s new standard for lightweight content distribution. Google, indexes sites with AMP content and serves the pages (and ads) from its servers. In some cases, Google even preloads the pages with AMP from its search results. AMP pages look basic, have no styling and use standard fonts, but make content access much faster. Here is a guide on getting AMP up and running on your WordPress installation: Plugin Getting AMP compatible pages on your WordPress installation is as simple as installing and activating the plugin from Automattic. Once you do, all posts will be AMP compatible. You can test the pages by adding /amp/ to the end of the URL of any post. Getting pages to work with AMP requires a separate plugin to install. Analytics The next step is to add your AMP pages to your analytics profile. Login to your Google Analytics dashboard and get the tracking ID from the “tracking info” section under account properties. The should begin with UA. Enter this tracking ID in the AMP plugin under analytics. Test Now that you have an operational AMP page setup, we need to test and make sure everything works correctly. The first tool you can use Is the Google Amp Rest. Go to the tool and enter your URL and hit “run test.” Another option is to use the developer tools in Chrome. Open the tools and go to the “Console” tab. Here you will if there are any validation errors for you AMP...

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Three myths that can have a negative effect on your rankings

May 10, 17 Three myths that can have a negative effect on your rankings

Posted by in SEO

One of the worst things you can do is take action based on wrong assumptions. There are situations where logic does not apply and basing decisions on logic can have adverse consequences. SEO is the same, and there are assumptions that can get you in trouble. Here are three of them: All organic traffic is the same While it can be true that all organic traffic is the same, most of the time, it is not. Which is why simply doubling your organic traffic will not double your sales. This is why it is important to see what page generates your most valuable traffic and focus on that, rather than all traffic to your website. Outranking the competition A lot of clients always have one specific goal when it comes to SEO: they want to outrank the competition. While it is good to be competitive, it is foolish to divert resources away from the larger plan to increase conversions and growth, to outrank another company for a single keyword phrase. The tools are accurate One of the most damaging myths is that the keyword tools, especially the one provided by Google, are accurate. These are just estimates based on past data and future prediction. Also, the click-through rates, even for position one are as low as 12%, so staking out marketing targets based on these numbers is a bad...

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Guidelines for Creating a Wikipedia Page for a Company

Jan 24, 17 Guidelines for Creating a Wikipedia Page for a Company

Posted by in Marketing

Summary: There are a variety of guidelines you must follow in order to get your page to stick. Having a Wikipedia page for your company can be an effective way to improve your overall SEO. However, there are some strict guidelines that you must adhere to if you want your page to stick. This guide will help you get started. What to Keep in Mind Before you start writing content for your page, you’ll need to brush up on the do’s and don’ts. The editors at Wikipedia take each page seriously, so be sure you adhere to their instructions. You’ll need viable sources that provide legitimate proof backing your content. The editors want to see substantial evidence that what you’re saying is actually true. If people have written about your company on the Internet, they need to be trusted sources that have some sort of reputable status. Forget Advertising Wikipedia is not a place to advertise your services or products. Any hint of this will get your page instantly deleted and all the hard work you’ve put in will go to waste. Don’t promote your business. Rather, write about the notable accomplishments and history of your business – but be sure to back it with sources. Search for Online Articles or Posts As stated above, you’ll want to search the Internet for sites that have written about your company. It’s important to do this prior to starting so you know what you can include and what you can’t. Sure, your company might have done some impressive things but if you can’t prove it to the editors, they’ll basically have to take your word for it – and they won’t. Blog Submitted by Submit Express: Does your company need a Wikipedia page detailing the achievements of your company? Leave it to the team at Submit Express. With decades of experience on their side, you’ll be in good...

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Two ways to find untapped keyword ideas

Jan 09, 17 Two ways to find untapped keyword ideas

Posted by in SEO

Article Written by : Host Edition All SEO professionals and web developers rely on the same set of free and paid tools for keyword research. They all see the same results and ultimately end up targeting the same sets of keywords. This ends up in a stalemate of sorts as various sites compete for the same visitors. This does not devalue the results of these tools. However, it is better to take a different approach to establishing the top-level keywords to use as a basis for the search. Here are two customer-centric approaches to keyword research: Think like a customer Many customers think counter-intuitively when it comes to search. Their thought process is different to the business owner and that of the SEO professional. Let us look at an example of ordering flowers. The shop owner will think in terms of “order flowers online” or “order flowers online san Francisco”. The customer, on the other hand, might search for “best flowers for a funeral” or “how to say sorry with flowers”.  Get into the mindset of the customer. Talk to customers Another approach is to ask the customer how they search and choose items online. This will also show the mindset of the customer in relation to your products and services. Operations that do not come across a customer in person can use email or popup forms to ask for information. Another valuable insight from this is to understand the type of language the customers...

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Two methods of smaller sites outranking bigger ones

Dec 08, 16 Two methods of smaller sites outranking bigger ones

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Article Written by : ADWORKS 24 Look at almost any search result for popular keywords and you will see that the sites that rank at the top are the biggest ones. Often, that is the ideal result for the search query. The Google algorithm does favor the larger sites over small ones, just from the sheer number of pages. We have seen that some smaller sites do outrank the larger ones. They manage to do it even for extremely popular keywords. Here are two ways a smaller site can outrank a much larger one: Method one – the long tail This strategy involves only chasing the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are those that at least three words or more. To be classified as a long tail keyword, we are looking at five words on average. The reason the largest sites avoid these now is that they rely on the larger keyword pages to rank for the long tail automatically. However, a page optimized specifically for the long tail will outrank that page.  Even though the traffic might seem much less, there are other linked searches for which traffic will come in. Method two – 10x content There is a concept in growth hacker circles called 10x content. These are large articles that are well written and comprehensive to every aspect of the subject matter. For example, a page that is targeting “best practices for job applicants” will need to tailor the content to cover the applicant, the HR manager, and even the HR director and each of their unique requirements from this...

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Activating new customers even before they purchase

Nov 25, 16 Activating new customers even before they purchase

Posted by in Business Services

Article Written by : The Great American Small Business Challenge It is one thing to get visitors to come to a website, it is entirely another to actually get them to take or make a purchase. Some might even find the products and service interesting but never came with intention of making a purchase. Others want to buy but do not really need what is on offer right now, but intend to return at a later date. Activating these visitors can result in a significant increase in sales. A good strategy to follow is to give such visitors an incentive to make a purchase immediately. One example of such a strategy is by Thrive Market. It is an online membership-based health food and grocery site. They use this strategy to good effect by encouraging the shopper to make a purchase by providing them with a significant discount on the first order. The urgency to purchase is increased by a time limit on the discount offer. In order words, the shopper has to buy within the day or the offer expires. This is a great way to get anyone on the fence to make an immediate purchase. This works especially well when loyalty is high for existing customers. In that case giving up a decent amount of the profit margin on the first order, in order to profit from future orders is worth the trade-off. In the case of Thrive, which is a subscription-based service, they also get sell a one-year membership in addition to the...

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Why You Should Use Call Tracking in SEO

Oct 24, 16 Why You Should Use Call Tracking in SEO

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Article Written by : Keywordle Does your business rely on phone calls for clients, leads, and customers? Then call tracking is going to a valuable marketing tool for you. What exactly is call tracking? It is the method of tracking the sources of your phone calls and matching it to conversions. This way you can generate a report on the effectiveness of any marketing channel. It works by assigning a different phone number that automatically forwards to your general business number. Different phone numbers are assigned to different marketing channels or campaigns. For example, a different number can be shown for a PPC campaign and another for organic traffic. Without call tracking, any business that relies on phone calls will not be able to accurately pinpoint the source of the lead. Call tracking allows marketers to link the incoming calls to a particular advertising channel, thereby measuring its efficiency.  It can also allow for accurate ROI calculation for the said campaigns. This information can then be used to fund the most effective marketing channels and drop the ineffective ones. How does call tracking help SEO? Call tracking services are capable of matching a path to your landing page with the keyword.  With this, the landing pages can be optimized for the keywords that are drawing in the calls. This, in turn, can also be used to optimize the pages with the highest conversion. With call tracking, you can learn what works best for your pages and that will lead to better...

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