3 Ways to get Yelp! Reviews Legitimately

Sep 13, 15 3 Ways to get Yelp! Reviews Legitimately

If there’s anything that is true about Yelp!, it is that they are the most restrictive when it comes to asking for customer reviews. Its policy guidelines are very clear about not asking or else one can easily end up being placed in violation.

Yet there’s no doubt that getting a Yelp! review is well worth it as an increase in one-star rating can result in an increase in revenue by 5-9%.

Here are 3 ways to get Yelp! reviews legitimately:

seo-dictionary1: Add a Yelp! badge On Your Website

Yelp! offers a number of badges that you can put on your site and that will link to your business profile. All you have to do is paste the HTML code (unique to a single badge) into your website. As new reviews drop in, you’ll find the averages and counts updating automatically too.

3: Add the business listing to your email signature

One effective way by which you can expand your reach is by adding your business listing to your company email signature. This is a subtle way by which you can encourage Yelp! reviews too. Ensure that you add the words “Check us out on Yelp!” before the link.

4: Share customer reviews on Facebook and Twitter

You can share customer reviews on these social networks by logging into your business account. Click on the ‘Reviews’ tab and add them. Make sure you don’t add only positive review but also negative ones along with how you resolved the customer’s complaint too. Not doing this will invite skepticism.